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The Jesus Lizard



The Jesus Lizard - Liar (1992) - “Boilermaker”

     Every time I finish listening to this song I go into immediate withdrawal and find myself in an air drumming frenzy, humming the bass line to myself. This goes on for a minute or two until the itch gets too intense and I have go back and hear it again. I woke up late last night with the melody in my head, groped around a bit for my headphones, and happily fell back asleep to thick guitar noise, tight bass grooves, pounding drums, and David Yow’s spastic yelping. For a band well known for being so loud and calamitous, they can be catchy as hell, especially on this record.

This Week's FlipCollective Post: You Never Know Where You’ll Be (Until You’re There)



This week at FlipCollective, I write about change, and how I’m not sure where I’m going, but I’m sure I’ve come too far to go back to where I was.

     As a lit/writing major graduating this spring and a drummer in an aspiring band, this hits eerily close to home. It’s nice to know that  Riley has been in the exact same position and has felt the same way I do now. I’m definitely scared out of my mind for the roads that lie ahead, but excited and hopeful at the same time. 




Jesu - Silver EP (2006) - “Silver”

     Heavy, shoegazey, atmospheric, and beautifully uplifting and deflating at the same time, this song is my favorite on the EP and a great entry point if you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to Jesu. For lovers of MBV and Sigur Rós to Isis and Sunn O))), Justin Broadrick & Co. definitely have a lot to offer music listeners open to melodic, stretched out pop structures wrapped in hypnotic layers of baritone fuzz.

"Silver’s just another gold"

from today’s stroll through the neighborhood

Shabazz Palaces

—100 Sph


Shabazz Palaces - Of Light (2010) - “100 Sph”

     Looks like today is shaping up to be a Shabazz day. On a random but related note, I really wish Ishmael Butler and Flying Lotus would collaborate on something. It seems like it would be a match made in heaven given the similar musical atmospheres they conjure up, but I’m not sure if the world would be able to handle how mind-bogglingly complex, weird, amazing, and probably revolutionary that music would end up sounding - they’re like the Miles Davis and John Coltrane of our time.

"Yeah you heard me, fuck with me I gots to spook / All these pop rappers up in magazines lookin’ cute / Talk frozen while they pose in they white boy suit / How they got more money and more honeys than me and you / No imagination to rock they freedom too / Do not go to where all these followers leading you"

Shabazz Palaces - “Bop Hard” (live at KEXP)

     Half way through I had to pick my jaw up off the floor, and then it got better. It’s amazing to see and hear that eighteen years after Reachin’, an innovator of the old school is proving himself not only to still be relevant in 2011 but absolutely necessary and an innovator of the new school. This is quiet genius and effortless cool at work. Rappers, producers, rapper/producers, step your game up. There is no one out that is on this level.

"Never sloppy so we pop off / You just a replica of a copy of a knockoff"

Major Lazer - Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do (2009) - “Pon de Floor” feat. Vybes Kartel (directed by Eric Wareheim)

When I went to San Francisco this summer with my friends Adam and Brett to see RX Bandits’ final show, our friend Sarah took us bar hopping in the Sunset where Adam and I scoured to find a DJ that would play this song for us. Needless to say, we both got down that night.


—You and yours


Cloudkicker - Let Yourself Be Huge (2011) - “You And Yours”

Currently purifying my soul with this.


If you’re a Cloudkicker fan, today’s a great day. If you’re not a Cloudkicker fan yet, congratulations, you just found your new favorite band.



This song is called You and yours. Check out and purchase the new record Let Yourself Be Huge as well as the new Loop digital download at http://cloudkicker.bandcamp.com/

RX Bandits

—Breakfast Cat


RX Bandits - Mandala (2009) - “Breakfast Cat”

     The more I listen to this song, the more I realize that it’s a great amalgamation of everything that made RX Bandits’ music so great, in one cohesive and beautifully crafted piece. It definitely starts out as one of their most aggressive, proggy, and riff-driven compositions, more akin to something that could be found on an earlier Sound of Animals Fighting release (a side project of guitarist/vocalist Matt Embree and drummer Chris Tsagakis), but it differentiates itself from that body of work through Embree’s soulful vocals and the song’s final movement, which submerges you headlong into the band’s distinct, watery, and gorgeous atmospherics, typically heard live during improvisational jams. Even more impressive is the fact that the last three RX Bandits releases were recorded live, with all musicians playing together in the same room with minimal overdubs, in order to capture the energy and dynamics characteristic of their live performances. You can actually hear Embree grunt in time during the pauses between verse and chorus, a small but telling testament to the band’s passion for groove and feel. The ending from 3:08 onward just crushes me every time.